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About Lady Jane

Healthy Living | Nutrition | Weight loss | Sports Supplements

Welcome to the Lady Jane Healthy Living.

Our mission at Lady Jane Healthy Living is to give women the best nutrition and supplement advice in order to achieve a slimmer, healthier and happier you.

Lady Jane provide premium nutritional, weight loss and sports supplements along with specialized training and diet advice and guidance.

Lady Jane is based on the premise that not every woman knows where to start, or how to get those well-intended fitness and balanced eating plans into action. We guide you through the process and ensure that you will see and feel significant positive changes in just weeks!

The majority of women have the inclination and drive, but lack the motivation, time and confidence to start today.  Lady Jane aims to support all women in gaining a better understanding of their own body – to educate the importance of physical exertion and proper eating to provide the stamina needed to tackle life’s strenuous demands.
Lady Jane Nutrition

Lady Jane Nutrition supplies a range of nutritionally based products for women.  At times, finding a suitable product can be daunting and often frustrating.  Lady Jane simplifies this process by listing a range of products tailored specifically for women, all of which are approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration in Australia.

Lady Jane strives to assist women in making a well-informed decision on their personal nutritional needs.  Women wanting advice on nutrition and fitness can liaise with qualified Lady Jane personnel through the online forum.  The open chat session allows women to ask poignant questions about products in light of their personal circumstances – making the right choice easy.

The staff at Lady Jane not only assist our customers, but also participate in an athletic lifestyle. Their interest and personal consumption of nutritional supplements enables them to give quality advice on the wide variety of supplements.





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