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Lady Jane 8 Week Better Body Blitz


Lose Weight | Keep it off | Start a Healthier Lifestyle

After a couch bound Sunday admiring the tv, or polishing off a slice of pizza, it is always easy to convince yourself that getting healthy will start the following day.  Why not? That makes sense doesn’t it?  Monday is the beginning of the week, it is the day of planning to get things done and there are no mistakes in it (yet)… sound familiar?

This is where Lady Jane can step in and break that cycle of forever convincing yourself that tomorrow is always a better day to start.  The reality is that today is the day to start – whether it is morning, after a decadent lunch or even after a lazy take-away dinner.  

If you want to change and make a difference to your life, whether it large or small, then the only person that can make that decision is YOU.

The Lady Jane Better Body Blitz programs are designed to give you the tools to make this difference… it is your personal journey to a better and healthier you!

 8 week Better Body Blitz

         – A Personal Touch

What is the 8 week Better Body Blitz?


The 8 week Better Body Blitz is an eating and exercise program for an intensive 8 week period.   Many programs only offer a 12 week period that requires significant commitment and is often simply too daunting to start!  The 8 week Better Body Blitz program is great for those wanting to really get into a routine and to see significant results.  


What does the program cover?



•    Consultation with a Lady Jane Trainer to discuss objectives.

•    Following consultation, Lady Jane will develop both a personalised nutritional eating and exercise plan tailored specifically to your likes/dislikes and time restrictions.

•    Personalised meal ideas and recipes offering variety, snack ideas and treats.

•    Ongoing support with your Lady Jane Trainer – with regular phone calls, email or in person (if local).  Your Lady Jane Trainer is available to assist you overcome an insatiable craving (eg cake!) that may otherwise see you veer from your program.

•    Tools and techniques to reprogram your way of thinking about food and exercise – it is a journey of mental gymnastics to retrain your mind to appreciate that what is often perceived as desirable food is actually a multi million dollar marketing industry telling you to buy, indulge and consume!  Lady Jane helps educate you on fact and fiction about which products are truly healthy.

 Lady Jane can provide advice and guidance on any additional supplements

 Access to the Lady Jane Forum where other Better Body Blitz participants can engage in dialogue about their experiences, tips and success.  It is a fantastic motivator for many people to share the journey with others in similar circumstances.

•    Motivational tips



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Lady Jane looks at every aspect of your life from family and work commitments to your available free time.  Lady Jane knows that working a program around your personal circumstances gives you greater success of achieving your goals and enjoying the journey.  Lady Jane realises that for most people, the 8 week program will form a fraction of their every day and that the daily routine of work, cleaning and taking care of a family must still continue.  

Why choose the 8 week rather than the 4 week Better Body Blitz?



Similarly to the 4 week program, the 8 week program is great to kick start a healthier way of living. The 8 week program offers a greater variety of exercise and dietary programs to ensure you keep motivated, inspired and on track.  The 8 week Better Body Blitz is for those wanting to start a new routine and to see some significant weight loss and strength building results.  

The results from the 8 week program will be greater than the 4 week program.  However, Lady Jane appreciates that not everyone needs to commit to an extensive and intense period in order to make a difference.  The Lady Jane customers are real women, with busy lives who do not always have the time to commit to longer timeframes.  Lady Jane also understands that everyone has a different goal and what may be a satisfactory result for some, may not be for others.  That is why Lady Jane is about achieving YOUR goals in YOUR timeframe.  For greater results, the 8 week Better Body Blitz program is recommended.

How are the Lady Jane Better Body Blitz Programs different?



Lady Jane acknowledges there are a multitude of programs on the market promising to lose weight and build an entirely new body in just weeks.  And, perhaps it is true.  However, Lady Jane makes the most important promise and it is not to become a body builder or to have you running marathons in a matter of weeks. 

The Lady Jane promise is to empower you with the tools, knowledge and knowhow to become a better and healthier you for the rest of your life.  This is the Lady Jane journey.

A Lady Jane Trainer is in regular contact with you to discuss your progress and any concerns encountered.  Having ongoing support when YOU need is what makes Lady Jane different.  It is a step-by-step journey where you receive ongoing tips, updates and support about any aspect of your program.  You can easily make contact with your Lady Jane Trainer who is familiar with your program and goals.  If you find you want to increase your exercise, or find that for whatever reason your program is not achieving the way it could, then your Lady Jane Trainer is always close by to re-evaluate and modify if needed.  This way you can be sure to stay on track with your personal goals.

What happens at the end of the 8 weeks?



At the end of the 8 weeks, your body will have adjusted to your new routine.  Your body will be less likely to crave those old habits and you will be feeling more refreshed, energetic and positive.

You will most likely have lost weight, put on muscle mass and be looking leaner.  You will really start to see results at the end of the 8 weeks.

HOWEVER, the end of the 8 week program does not mean the end of your routine!  The 8 week program is a guided period in which you received help to kick start a healthier you.  At the end of the 8 weeks you will be well on your way.  From here on, it is about maintenance and using the tools and techniques you have learnt from Lady Jane to propel you forward as the new you.

If you feel you require further support beyond the 8 weeks, then feel free to discuss this further with your Lady Jane Trainer.


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