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Lady Jane is synonymous with healthy living.  It provides nutritional and training advice as well as premium beauty products.  Lady Jane is specifically targeted to women looking for a healthier lifestyle through regular exercise and nutrition.
All products available are designed for women, providing an easy and safe ‘one stop online shop’ experience. Lady Jane is based on the premise that not every woman knows where to start, or how to get those well-intended fitness and balanced eating plans into action.

The majority of women have the inclination and drive, but lack the motivation, time and confidence to start today.  Lady Jane aims to support all women in gaining a better understanding of their own body – to educate the importance of physical exertion and proper eating to provide the stamina needed to tackle life’s strenuous demands.

Lady Jane’s mission is to inspire women to take care of themselves, helping them to look and feel good.

Lady Jane Nutrition

Lady Jane Nutrition supplies a range of nutritionally based products for women.  At times, finding a suitable product can be daunting and often frustrating.  Lady Jane simplifies this process by listing a range of products tailored specifically for women, all of which are approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration in Australia.

Lady Jane strives to assist women in making a well-informed decision on their personal nutritional needs.  Women wanting advice on nutrition and fitness can liaise with qualified Lady Jane personnel through the online forum.  The open chat session allows women to ask poignant questions about products in light of their personal circumstances – making the right choice easy.

Lady Jane Clothing

Lady Jane proudly stocks Rockwear clothing.  Feeling comfortable and looking good while exercising, makes the journey more appealing for most women.  Motivation is a state of mind.  Taking the time to feel confident with appearance often gives women a greater chance of succeeding with their fitness programs – whether it be a gentle walk, run or more intense training.

Lady Jane’s decision to partner with Rockwear clothing is no accident.  Supporting Australian companies and industry is a passionate belief of the Lady Jane Directors.  Rockwear is proudly Australian with manufacturing predominantly kept onshore.  This ensures a higher quality of fabrics and craftsmanship of garments.  As such, women can feel confident they are wearing premium high performance sportswear that, not only performs well, but also looks great.

Lady Jane Make Up

Having glowing flawless skin isn’t as unachievable as one might believe.  The secret behind celebrities with that natural casual beauty can be revealed - Bodyography Professional Cosmetics.


Bodyography is the preferred choice of celebrity make-up artists worldwide.  The silky smooth foundations and vast array of coloured eye shadows helps create any look.  All products are developed in line with the latest cosmetics research and captures the latest in fashion colour palettes.





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