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Core Abdominal Strength  
The Lady Jane Core Abdominal Strength Program gets results! It focuses on working the lower, upper and oblique abdominal muscles to give a firmer and flatter stomach. A more effective workout is achieved by varying both the exercises and routine regularly. Therefore, this program is specifically designed to offer diversity to ensure maximum benefit is gained from every workout.
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More Information

All of our generic programs are designed for not only the first time exerciser but also the more experienced too. You may elect to receive a one-off phone consultation from one of our Lady Jane trainers to answer any questions you may have regarding how to perform the exercises.
Before you start any new exercises or increase your level of physical activity more than usual, please check with your doctor first. They will determine if the additional activity or exercises are safe for you based on your health status and personal circumstances.
It is very important that you only do exercises within your physical capabilities. It is important that you do not continue exercising with increasing pain, or pain that is moderate to severe.